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We thought you might have some questions. Here are some questions and answers that might be helpful. Please let us know if there are other questions we can add to the list.

"And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

What is the ACMA?

We are Goshen as God's people begin an exodus from government bondage. We are an Acts chapter 2 community moving in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are what Christians should have been since the founding of the nation. We are a set apart community within a community, a governing system within a governing system.


The ACMA is the ecclesia that defends religious freedom no matter the cost and where the members provide for the needs of each other rather than sending each other to government programs. No where in the Word did God command the government to take care of His people. 


Here is as example of the nature of the ACMA community: If a single mom's car breaks down, she can search the member directory herself for members to diagnose it, tow it, repair it, and loan her a vehicle or take her to and from work while it's in the shop. She can even search the directory for a member to give her a small, no interest loan if she needs financial aid to keep moving forward. The members involved in each transaction are free to decide how they want to arrange the compensation - fee, trade, pro bono, or any combination - and free to decide what type of covenant to use - verbal or written. In every case, the ACMA will mediate, per the terms of the ACMA Membership Covenant, any civil disputes that arise between members.  

The ACMA was launched in December 2023. We encourage you to pray about joining the community and being obedient to the Lord's response. 

How does the Household Contribution Covenant work for housing?

The ACMA thoughtfully connects members with homes or rooms to share with members who need them. Criminal background checks are required to make the best match; however, there are no credit checks and the only income qualification is that members are prohibited from using Section 8 housing vouchers. The members then customize a covenant that includes any combination of financial payment and/or providing services such as housekeeping/lawn maintenance, etc. The Household Contribution Covenant replaces and supersedes the traditional tenant/landlord relationship giving more freedom to both members.  

How much are membership dues and what is included in them?

There are three membership options (regular dues are shown below):

  1. Individual ($10/mo) - This option is for a person that does not have a business and intends to provide services. This option is also best for individuals that are not providing services but joined the community to utilize services and fellowship with other members. 

  2. Family ($15/mo) - This option is for a household of members that would like to participate in providing services. For example, a family may have kids that offer lawn mowing, general labor, oil changes, babysitting, etc. This option includes services provided for elderly parents living in the same household.  

  3. Business ($25/mo) - This option is for business owners that intend to provide services for members through their business. 


All monthly memberships include:

  • A profile in the Member Directory allowing you to show up in search results for the services you provide. There is no limit to the number of services a member can offer, you simply have to be able to perform them with enthusiasm and excellence.  

  • Access to the community calendar filled with classes (free or fee-based), groups or clubs, and events hosted by members.

  • Ability to post classes (free or fee-based), groups, clubs and events for members and even non-members if you choose. 

  • Access to the member directory allowing you to search for skilled trades, licensed and unlicensed services and non-government options for housing, etc. provided by members.

  • Access to templated do-it-yourself covenants for agreements between members. (The Household Contribution Covenant is facilitated by the ACMA only.)

  • Biblically based and binding mediation for civil disputes between members.


Do I have to be a Christian to become a member?

Yes. but it doesn't matter if you're new to the faith or a mature Christian, nor do you need to attend church. You may have been raised as a Christian but are now a prodigal or angry with God. Come home. The standard is that all members must agree to a Statement of Faith, support the Ten Point Credo, and commit to a Christian Lifestyle that limits bad habits and promotes self-control. Just as a soldier in the U.S. military commits to a code of ethics and allegiance to the flag, members of the ACMA strive to achieve a life of discipline and loyalty to the cross. We encourage members to spread the Gospel outside of the community, but we believe it's important for all members within the community to share the same worldview and put it into practice. We refuse to be the lukewarm church.

Can a person with a criminal record become a member?

Absolutely, and we encourage those who have experienced probation or incarceration and those who are currently reentering society to join the ACMA. Many people who have lost their freedom have a fire inside them to fight to maintain it when they get it back and to fight to get out from under the control of the government. The ACMA provides the path to do this and for these members to lead others to do the same. Many military veterans fall into this category. Those who found Jesus behind bars are formidable allies of conservative Christians and with the help of the ACMA community are in a position to decline government subsidy from the moment they walk away from prison. The ACMA is in part God's version of criminal justice reform that requires no new or repealed legislation or government funding. 

What is the process to become a member?

The first step in the process is to complete the ACMA Membership Covenant available on the Membership page that includes the terms of the agreement, the Statement of Faith, the Ten Point Credo, the Christian Lifestyle and the monthly membership dues based on your membership type - Individual, Family or Business. 

After you submit the document, you'll pay your first month membership dues and complete a new member registration profile. Your profile includes contact information and details about you or your business, and a photo or logo. Your information will be accessible in the Member Directory by other members, 


If you have a business membership, or you personally intend to provide services for other members you'll complete a form indicating the categories and subcategories of those services. Your profile will show up in the results for members who search for a service that matches what you selected. Additionally, your profile will indicate the compensation methods that are acceptable to you such as fee for service, trade for service, volunteer/pro bono or any combination of those. Members are able to search using those criteria as well. For example, a member without an ability to pay can search for members who selected the volunteer/pro bono option or trade for service option. 


Once you're a member, you'll also be able to submit events and classes (free or fee-based) to the community calendar for members and even non-members, if you choose. And of course, you'll be able to search for members to find the help that you or your family personally need, too!

The ACMA is a for-profit organization. Please consult the Lord and your accountant before filing taxes as an ACMA member.

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