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Memberships are free of charge and open to all who agree to the terms of the ACMA Membership Covenant, including the Statement of Faith, Ten Point Credo, Christian Lifestyle.

A prototype to help God's people reroute their talents and resources.

The American Christian Marketplace Authority is the gathering of individuals, families and small businesses with a Biblical worldview to assemble, fellowship, solve problems, do business with each other, work for each other and take care of each other's needs. The ACMA is a free, private membership prototype that exists to worship and serve Jesus Christ and to foster engagement with one another in social and civic activities. It is a set apart community within Colorado.

The goal of the ACMA is to minimize the government in the lives of members while legally circumventing man-made laws that infringe upon God given freedoms. Members are free to interact within the community as they choose and per the membership covenant, the ACMA will mediate any civil disputes that arise, thus, replacing the need for the secular courts. (1 Cor 6:1-8)

The American Christian Marketplace Authority is like a modern tabernacle where the Holy Spirit dwells and where we worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This tabernacle can be "moved" throughout the coming years to give us covering for political unrest, Christian persecution in America; a world war; and the digital ID/beast system. There is no elected leader or body of elected leaders capable of doing this.


We are calling on hundreds of church congregations and thousands of unchurched Christians to plug into the ACMA community establishing a massive assembly of believers throughout Colorado.


When Moses directed the people to build the tabernacle, the people were so generous that they were told to stop giving! The ACMA needs people to “give” by becoming members. The artisans we need are small businesses and freelance workers in every sector including mechanics, caregivers, skilled trades, business professionals, drivers, mentors, manual laborers, farmers, retail, restaurants, those with "plenty" to offer financial aid to those with nothing, people with homes to share, and much more.

The ACMA includes a wide-ranging selection of retail, restaurants, and services/skilled trades provided by Individual, Family and Small Business members for other members. A member can be licensed or unlicensed in their area of talent and there is no limit to the number of services a member can offer, you simply have to be able to perform them with enthusiasm and excellence.

Subsequent phases of the ACMA will focus on replacement health systems, homeschool/pod school options, an ACMA fund to financially support members in need and more. 

Young Businesswomen
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"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's multifaceted grace." 1 Peter 4:10

What do you need? What can you provide?

Search the directory for:

  • Transportation to find a one-time ride to the airport, recurring rides to and from work, or to use a member's spare car while yours is in the shop.

  • Pet Care to find a member to train your dog, sit for your pet while you're on vacation, or rehome your furry loved one. 

  • Financial Help to find a member to help you pay the deposit on a rental, catch up on bills or provide gift cards for groceries.

  • Trades to find a member to replace your roof, hang drywall or fix your plumbing problem.

  • Repair to find a member to fix your small appliance or lawn mower. 

  • Labor to find general labor for home projects, moving or help on your farm or ranch.

  • Farm & Garden to find local produce, eggs and meat.

  • Retail and Restaurants to support local businesses in the ACMA community.

  • Mentoring to find a mentor for yourself, your teen, or for a family member recovering from an addiction.

  • Eldercare to find companion care or help with daily activities for your aging parent.

  • Healthcare to find a dentist, physician, nurse, or chiropractor.

  • Instruction to learn firearm safety or how to play an instrument.

  • Professional to find a family attorney, counselor or photographer.

  • There are many more categories and subcategories to meet your unique needs.    


Post on the Community Calendar in your city:

  • Host a free or fee-based class(es) to teach members and even non-members how to change the oil in their car or build a website.

  • Start a prayer group or a club to train for a marathon.

  • Host a virtual Meet & Greet so members can learn about you and your services.

  • Host a BBQ for single moms and their kids or a pool party for teens. 

Increase your income and help other members and yourself by providing and exchanging services to meet each other's unique needs!

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